How much of a problem is there?

The use of cocaine is thought to be increasing; the problem is not just as prevalent as ever, it is becoming more serious with time.

Figures of Cocaine Prevalence.

  • Seven years ago, the drug cost around £70 for a gram. Now it sells for as little as £35
  • 635,000 people used it in Britain in 2004, according to Home Office figures.
  • Almost 100 people a year die in the UK as a result of cocaine use
  • There are an estimated 79,000 crack users in the UK, up from 58,000 five years ago
  • Cocaine is now the second most popular drug in the UK after cannabis, with usage doubling in the last seven years
  • More than 20,000 tonnes of cocaine were seized by UK customs officers in 2004
  • The world market in cocaine is estimated to be worth as much as $400 billion a year
  • Five per cent of all British banknotes are thought to have been used to snort cocaine